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About Me

I am a Computer Engineering student with strong interests in data, free software and privacy aspiring to a career in Data Engineering. I work primarily with Python, am currently learning Scala, and play around with Go and Lua at times.

I love simple and sustainable technologies, football, powerlifting and playing indie games.

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About This Site


This website is handcrafted using Hugo with simplicity, accessibility and privacy in mind. It draws inspiration from various sites across the web, particularly D00k .

The font used on this site is Rubik which is licensed under the SIL Open Fonts License and is self hosted. google webfonts helper was extremely helpful in preparing the font for self hosting.

The source code for this website is available over on Codeberg and is deployed on Netlify.

A sitemap and styleguide is also available.

Privacy Policy

This site makes no use of cookies or analytics and it does not log any data.


Webrings have been a huge inspiration to the development and evolution of this site. This site is currently a member of the Fediring webring.

Last updated: Jul 1, 2022