Trying new software

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I have been pretty busy over the past few weeks due to a lot of schoolwork and tests to take care of but things have slowed down enough this week, to the point where I can properly reflect on recent happenings. So I have decided to take some time to write about some new apps that I have been trying ever since I switched over to KDE.


I started using keepass in an attempt to move away from cloud based password managers. I have been using Bitwarden and while it has been working really well, I have decided to use an offline password manager so that I get to store the password database as I see fit and don't have to trust an online service to do it for me. I am using KeePassXC as my keepass client and have no complaints so far.


I have been using web based email clients for as long as I can remember. But after getting my own email and generating a pair of GPG keys, I decided to try out some desktop email clients. Kmail is the email client for the KDE desktop. It looks much better than most email clients, has a ton of features and signing and encrypting emails is a breeze ;). One downside of Kmail is that it pulls in almost all dependencies of the KDE PIM suite and hence is quite large (~170mb).


Mumble is an extremely simple program, that focuses on two things: voice and text chat, and does them well. It can be self-hosted and is extremely lightweight and resource efficient. I don't have my mumble server (yet) and I have been using Volatile's public servers and I am really enjoying it.


I have never been a fan of Element. While it has a ton of features, it never worked well for me and was sluggish and resource heavy which is to be expected since it is built using electron. Neochat is a matrix client from the KDE project and so it integrates well with my desktop. It implements a large part of the matrix protocol with the exception of end-to-end encryption, but most of the matrix communities that I am a part of don't have end-to-end encryption anyway.

There are plenty of other apps that I have tried and started using after switching to KDE but these are the major ones that came to my mind.